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  1. Can you upgrade to 1.9.4 because it works in 1.9.2
  2. Next update I am planning to have 1.7-1.9 functionality (at best)! It would be nice if you changed your review accordingly. :p
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  3. Hej läsare! Staff+ 3.0 is ALMOST complete and I am now looking for translators for any language pretty much! Translations of language files will help globalize this plugin and allow for easier use in every country.

    Here are some requirements before you go about translating the plugin:
    • Must be fluent in both English and the target language (I may be able to help you in some cases).
    • Must be able to communicate through some medium such as Spigot PMs or Skype.
    • Must be translating to a language that is not already translated. I will accept people that just want to check for accuracy, but you do not have to tell me that you are doing this unless you found an actual problem!
    • Must message me on Spigot for confirmation and creation of language file.
    If you meet all of the requirements for what you want to do (especially contacting me), then translate away! Regional dialects, such as Fenno-Swedish, are also appreciated to be translated even if the original language has been translated.

    All statuses for languages and contributing users listed as shown:
    (COMPLETE = done and checked for accuracy; READY = just needs accuracy checks; WORK IN PROGRESS = not yet fully translated)
    • English - lang_en: COMPLETE
    • Swedish/Svenska - lang_sv: COMPLETE
    • German/Deutsch - lang_de: COMPLETE
    • Dutch/Nederlands - lang_nl: COMPLETE
      • @TJV // @MineHeads
    • Spanish/Español - lang_es: COMPLETE
    • Croatian/Hrvatski - lang_hr: COMPLETE
    • Norwegian/Norsk - lang_no: COMPLETE
    • French/Français - lang_fr: COMPLETE

    Thank you to everybody that decides to contribute, your help is greatly appreciated! Staff+ 3.0 should be available pretty soon™!
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  4. I am currently looking for a Spanish translator, but it seems that the one I was talking to is now inactive! I'm sure with time we'll find one
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  5. When I click on a player for freeze him. He freeze him and he unfreeze directly
    Sorry for my bad english i'm french
  6. Yeah, if you havent fixed so already, the random teleport doesn't always random tp to players. Its usually to the same guy a fair amount of times.
  7. That's why it's called random teleport; it uses a pseudo-random implementation while iterating. The fact that you are teleporting to the same player is just how random works instrinsically. I am considering fixing this in the future, but technically this is not broken at all.
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  8. I love the plugin couple things can you please change it to be /staffmode instead of /staff and put /staff list into /staff

    nice plugin though
  9. in the next update command labels will be completely customizable :p
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  10. Are you going to upgrade 1.10 vision server?
  11. I put it in my server plugins, but it didn't work, Is there any other plugins that need to be installed so that this will work?
  12. you need ProtocolLib for it to work. if that still doesn't fix your problem, then send the console error to me (if you find one).
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  13. TJV


    I can translate it to dutch.
  14. On my server I've added the permission for /sc to the Helper group but they still don't have access to /sc they can see the staff chat tho. (It's 1.8)
  15. You need to have the StaffMode permission in order to use staff chat also.
  16. okay thanks! :D
  17. I've disabled the total vanish everywhere in the config but everytime I do /staff it still enables total vanish. help please?