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  1. hey!

    So i saw in the past, a plugin that gives staff members the option
    to type /welcome 10s after player join/toggle /welcome

    and then whenever a new / old player joins
    it makes the staff welcome them, instead of him manually typing it
    so, is there anything familiar you guys know?
    (If not i can code that its not that hard, but if its already made i can save some work)
  2. that's kinda pointless.. welcome should be a warm one, not cold metal of a robot (unless there's bad ventilating system)
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  3. Staff members are humans, not robots being controlled. If they wanna say "welcome" than they will. Don't force your staff members to say "welcome" let them say it on their own.
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  4. I couldn't find anything that specifically did this, but if you can code it'd be pretty simple to do it. Although if you get a lot of people joining at once, it may look pretty bad and flood chat if there's a lot of staff on as well. Just something to think about.
  5. Thank you, I will probably code something
    literally i didn't ask other people of their opinion I just asked if there's anything out there,
    (Not you)
    "Don't force your staff"
    MY STAFF asked me to add something like that, please next time ask before you judge
  6. shouldn't follow them blindly maybe, this is a bad practice which shouldn't get popularized, I already happen to be falsely accused of being "robot" after saying welcome to my players, due to other servers robotizing it.
  7. I, too, recommend welcoming users manually. :coffee:
  8. It's not server robotizing,
    That's why i say to add /welcome
    and then it must come aside from the staff member.
    it does save a lot of time in depends of new players asking questions

    so staff can do /welcome and then
    Welcome (player) to (ServerName) For help or me feel free to ask me or use /help

    Something like that. it can also be randomized with different messages.

    You might not know, but big servers use similar stuff to do that
    Even big servers are using mods to auto-message due to the alot of questions
  9. Player#chat after a scheduled delayed task.
  10. I’d recommend using an automatic welcome message.

    You can use EssentialsX to create a message that each player sees when they join, and you can also add a welcome message that appears to everyone the first time a player joins the server. Additionally, you can, if you want to, set custom join and quit messages. There are also other plugins that can do these things if you don’t want to use EssentialsX. :coffee: