Spigot StaffCore v0.6 [FREE] 0.6

StaffMode, ChatManagment

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    StaffCore v0.1 [FREE!] | Staff items, chat managment - StaffMode, ChatManager

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  2. Hello, this is a very good plugin but. ¿How i can freeze? i need a plugin to freeze? cuz the freeze doesnt work i click to one player and it says "type /help that command doesnt exist" help
  3. could you PLEASE! add a custom report! like /report <player> and then you get a gui that you can choose the topic

    f.eks: fly,hack,greafing,killaura
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  4. Tetszetős ;)
  5. Örülök, hogy tetszik ;) Most rászálltál a profilmra? xd
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  6. Csak boostollak :'D
  7. Ohhh... Köszönöm!? :LOL:
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