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  1. Hey community ive seen on many HCF servers,if Staff members have the permissions then they will see when a staff member joins the server...

    Example .. - [Staff Rank]Player has joined [Server Name]

    Does anyone know this plugin?
  2. umm then idk xD
  3. i will give you the code. but i don't think is someone gonna make a plugin for u.
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  4. Code (Java):
    ProxiedPlayer p = e.getPlayer();
        BungeeCord.getInstance().getPlayers().forEach(players -> {
            if(players.hasPermission("Staff")) {
                players.sendMessage("[Staff] Player " + p.getName() + "has joined.");
    if theres any error tell me because i have create the code in notepad.
  6. (No one will make a plugin for u)