Bungee - Spigot StaffList 1.0

Just a simple /staff plugin.

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    StaffList - Just a simple /staff plugin.

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  2. This is a awesome Plugin :D Good Job
  3. glad you like it :)
  4. I have a suggestion That Maybe U Should Make A Gui :p
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  5. Just to put it out there, in order for this plugin to work and in order to players to use it, if you have a permissions system like permissionsex you do not need to add it to the group of permissionsex. Instead, because it's a bungee proxy plugin you'll need to add it to your Bungeecord config.yml file in the groups section.
  6. no. This is a bukkit plugin not bungee. where did you get that idea?
  7. What about kawaii screenshots?
  8. Can you make it so it shows the online staff