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I need an online Admin! DO NOW /stafflist or /Online

  1. Ikeetjeop submitted a new resource:

    [FREE] /-/ STAFF ONLINE LIST /-/ [FREE] - I need a online Admin! DO NOW /staff or /Online

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  2. I have a few ideas
    first as you know there are staff plugins when you type /staff it enables staff mode can you change the command /staff to /stafflist i think it would help alot of people can you make like a command to vanish you from /stafflist and other cmds
    one other thing would be cool if you can make this bungee support!
  3. When i'm home i go add that command and check for bungeecord!
  4. "I need a online Admin! DO NOW /staff or /Online" an not a
  5. Wooopss! I go handle when i'm home
  6. /online is the only working feature, all others "/list, who" etc. dont work.
  7. Oh right i fergot to register it i fix it today as first thanks!!
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  8. I have fix the bugg thanks for repotred btw =)
  9. yo dude um wen i do /list it does it rite but um it says at te bottom in wite letter Do /staff [group]
    and i ant get rid of it
  10. https://i.imgur.com/aJwzsPG.gifv
  11. If it works let it know with a review <3