StaffOnline Plugin

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  1. What improvements would you like over it? What do you mean by "better"?
  2. Like a GUI system maybe and also tells the players certain staff features when you hover over there head in the tool box section of the name (lore).

    There'd be a section for Online and Offline staff members.
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  3. I think this is what I was looking for thanks. :) I'll let you know for certain when I get to use it.
  4. My plugin does the same thing as StaffOnline if you want to try it. ;)
  5. Does it have a GUI? And also show staff who're offline?
  6. Actually it shows the Staff who are online in chat... :(
    Sorry. :p
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  7. :O I'll take a gander anyhow. :3
  8. *Self promotion*
    You also could check out my plugin CustomList ;d
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  9. I only have a certain amount of reviews inside me guys. :C
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  10. What do you mean by that?
  11. Nothing in particular, just I tend to give out suggestions before reviewing/rating the plugin. XD
  12. Ooh like that. :p
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  13. I am working on a rebuild of StaffOnline.
  14. - I personally use this plugin.
    Basic config and .dat file(where you put the staff) you can customize names and prefixes on the plugin(it takes a lil bit of tampering, but if you need help, I'll show you.)

    It shows staff as online/offline when you hover over the head, it says when they were last online and if online, how long they've been on!

    Customization of messages also. :)
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