Spigot StaleAPI 1.1.1-Alpha

Improve Performance - Remove stale data for users that haven't been online in a while!

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    StaleAPI - Improve Performance - Remove stale data for users that haven't been online in a while!

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  2. spigot 1.8.6

  3. NullBlox


    I have the same issue as he does...
  4. Hi dankan,
    Thanks for letting me know!
    I'm working on fixing this issue right now.
    I'll release a patch asap.

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    Config Loop

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  6. Can I change the date to two months before data wipe?
  7. Yes you can,
    Ensure you're using at least v1.0.1-Alpha (Latest right now)
    When you've ran the plugin for the first time, stop your server.
    Open plugins/StaleAPI/config.yml and edit threshold
    The default threshold is 1 month (30 Days), Simply double that number for 2months (60 Days)

    Hope this helps :)

    Version 1.0.1-Alpha has just been made live to fix the configuration issue reported above.
  8. Alright will download update and install and all that good stuff thanks :D
  9. No problem :)

    Let me know if you have any issues!
  10. Appears to be running fine updated with 5184000 seconds and restarted my server and I don't see any issues in /pl with the plugin being red it's nice and green :D
  11. Good to hear :)
    The default delay is 1 hour, But StaleAPI runs its first check 1minute after your server starts. You should see old data being cleared away pretty quickly :)
  12. Thanks

    Spigot 1.8.6 New error:

  13. Hi dankan,
    I seem to have a skill at breaking stuff lately :p

    It seems my code to check for exempt users doesn't want to work. I've had to remove it. You can get v1.0.2 with this issue fixed :)
    Thanks for letting me know!
  14. This is looking really good Fuggy.
  15. Spigot 1.8.7 error:

  16. Hi dankan,
    Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it and patch it as soon as possible!
    I'll post an update when its done!

  17. any update ?
  18. I'm afraid not, I've been busy dealing with a Minecraft Network Im developer for.
    However I'll take a look into this and fix this as soon as I've hit "Post Reply" on this reply :p

    Thanks for reminding me!