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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Chrashi_65_1, Feb 11, 2020.

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  1. Is there a way to make a click on a item in minecraft start (by executing a server?

    If this plugin already exists, i'm sorry, this is my first post.
    Sorry for the confusing sentence, i'm from austria ()
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  2. Strahan


    Yep. A custom plugin could either launch the process directly, or trigger a process that will start it. Pretty simple.
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  3. Okay, are there any free plugins out there that do this?
  4. Strahan


    Not that I'm aware of, but then, I haven't looked.

    If you can't find one, I could make one for you if you give me specifics.
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  5. Wow i didnt think that somebody would really be so nice and do something like that for me. :)
    So here is what i would like:

    + Some kind of GUI that opens if you click on it
    + Then you see al the avialible servers (confugured in cinfug.yml) and if they are online or offline.
    + if you click on one of the servers, you get sent to it / OR the specified server gets started (by executing a file)
    + Some things about starting the server:
    -+ Can this filte contain a screen command?
    +Thank you very much, if its too much work for you to bulid a gui/server status shower just make a plugin that can start a server by typing in /start <server>
    + If you want, yu can send me a dm and i will send you my discord tag/name

    1.8-1.15.1 | 1.15 would be better :)

    Could you maybe make this plugin OpenSource so i can actually learn something from it?
    Thank you so much!
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  6. If you are really so nice and would do this for me, could you make a expectation(?) when this plugin would be ready?
  7. Strahan


    No clue. I'm busy with my job at the moment, but I'll start working on it in my off time. I can give you a deliverable with the basic functionality fairly quickly, but for the fancy stuff it'll be a little longer. Also complicating matters is that, at the risk of my geek cred lol, I have no real experience with *nix OSes. So I'll have to play around learning how their processes work and screen and all that stuff that I've never used before.
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  8. Thank you very very much!
    take your time i dont need the plugin tomorrow :)

    If you need some help with linux or so just ask me.

    And that thing with screen, just ignore it, just make sure the plugin can execute .sh files.

    If you're really new to linux i will tell you some information about .sh files:

    + in order to be able to execute them you need to give the file "permission". You do that by running a commend "chmod a+x <file>" (i would do it manually so dont include this command into the plugin)
    + you run them in the commsand line using "./<file>" (no space between / and file)

    Hope that helped, thank you very much for doing this for me!
  9. It's almost cringy to write things about .sh files but i hope it helped!
  10. If this plugin can execute .sh files i'm going to be so happy because i can start AND create servers IN-GAME!
    Really happy to see the plugin releasing!
    Or will it even release? :)
  11. Strahan


    Sorry, been in the hospital and then when I got out, it slipped my mind.
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  12. Does that mean that you dropped the devolopment of the plugin? :(
    Hope you're good, no stress with this here
  13. I have found another plugin that does almost exacly what i wanted so i am going to close this thread, thsbks anyways man i hope youre doing well! :)
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