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  1. Hello, everybody. I understand that there are many similar topics, but since I am a foreigner(Ukrainian) and do not understand English, even with a translator, I have problems anyway. Do not be indifferent, please help!

    So, I use this code - Server operating system - Debian 10.1.

    For example, when I enter a command ./start check, then I get a grep error:
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    Or, when I enter a command ./start start:
    View attachment 480228
    And here errors grep

    What should I do? Please, tell me!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. TheJavaHacker


    This isn't an error with Spigot itself, the original location was probably more suited than in here, as it's for Server Management.

    Saying that, as I can't post a reply on that thread: You need to ensure the server file "spigot.jar" is located in the same directory in the start script. I also wouldn't recommend using a public start script, however it's dependant on your specific circumstances.
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  3. I understood. But somehow I fixed everything myself...