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  1. Hello guys

    I recently downloaded the plugin BukkitGames from spigot. It works perfectly fine but when the game ends, it wants to restart the server. While restarting, the console says that it cannot find and shuts down. I tried a lot of things but none worked. Can you guys give me a solution?

    P.S. I am noob on managing a spigot server so tell me the instructions as simple as possible
  2. I have looked into the BukkitGames plugin and found that they have a wiki: your server
    It tells you how to restart your server if you use windows.
  3. You will need to change the value that says to the name of the file that you use to start the server. If you are using a panel like Multicraft, I have no idea how this works. Make sure that the name that you change it to includes its file extension (example: .bat, .txt or .docx).
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  4. Thank you! It worked! But now, when I type stop to the console, it keeps restarting. How do I stop the server now? (I do not have multicraft)
  5. That is weird and I have never had that issue with using this. This is something that you will probably want to talk to the developers of the Minecraft server version about to see what they think will solve this issue. From what I know, I am not able to sort this issue for you as I have never experienced it and have never seen or heard anyone else that has experienced it.
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    Well, the scripts intent is to restart the server whenever it stops, if you wanna stop it, you'll want to run stop, wait for it to shut down, and then hit ctrl-c to get the bat file to stop execution (miiiight be a different key combo in windows, but pretty sure that worked last I tried on windows a while back)
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  7. I think the problem is that the is not executable. Whenever I type restart, the console says attempting to restart with But at the same time, the computer opens the file with notepad++ and the server shuts down. How do I make it executable?
  8. I believe is for a Mac.
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    You either need to have some form of bash installed for that, i.e. git bash, or just use a bat file instead (and update spigot.yml to point to that bat file)
  10. Can I make the plugin instead of restarting the server reloading it? You can change that command in the plugin's config. Also will the scores, kills etc. be saved after the reload?
  11. Guys, I found an easier solution on google (after googling for hours). I found this site and he has a custom run.bat file and it is restarting on its own. I also heard that shutting down the server without the /stop command is bad for it. Is this run.bat that this site says safe for the server?