Start Spigot Server with plugin from IDE (Intellij)?

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  1. Hey,
    with longer development time of a plugin you will encounter the problem
    build -> move jar to server -> restart server

    It' a bit annoying.
    Does anyone know a solution how to teach Intellij to take over this process?
    (Integrated debugging would also be very great.)
    I've googled a lot, but so far not found anything useful.

    Or else, how is your workaround?
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  2. Why not export directly to your plugins folder then just /rl on your server?
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  3. Reloading is generally bad, can cause issues with plugins. I've not found a way to copy the output jar from maven either.
  4. Usually a plugin is not very well designed if reloading can cause problems. Sometime there are plugins that just can't be reloaded because they can only work with the assumption that the server has just started. However, if you are developing a plugin you are going to know if your plugin is that kind of plugin. In that case you would simply stop the server the and start it again. In eclipse you could even put a shortcut to the batch file that starts your server. :) I don't know if this applies for IntelliJ.
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  5. There is something called a debugger:
  6. You can create a program or script to handle the process. Then add it as an external tool in File -> Settings -> Tools -> External Tools

    You can then run it by going to Tools -> [Name of Your Tool]

    You can also associate a keyboard shortcut to it.
  7. Thanks for the ideas & links :)
    I will try it after my holiday!