Starting a Bungeecord Server, Tips?

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  1. Hey guys, so has the title states, I am starting a bungeecord serve and connecting my survival and skyblock server. I have went through tutorial after tutorial and it seems pretty simple and ran a test on my computer to see it all work. I even managed to connect to my skyblock server from a hub on my computer. I have a friend who is in the middle of creating an rpg server and would like to connect his server to my hub when it is all complete. So just learning learning how bungeecord works in a matter of 4 hours and successfully connecting 2 servers with only small speed bumps, is there any recommended plugins that ill need on my servers, or any ideas to keep a community going through bungeecord. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
  2. Well, I would recommend BungeeAdminTools and Yamler. I would also recommend you add BungeeWeb to be safe. @Dead-i and @md_5
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  3. Well, first off, don't do it -- the market is saturated. The only way any server will succeed is if you have several thousand dollars or more for advertisements and you have a very unique idea.
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    I really feel this statement is incorrect. I bet I could open a small network and succeed, turning a profit, after a few months with little to no money spent aside from hosting expenses. If not make a profit I guarantee I could achieve self sustainability.
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  5. Well then, I'm interested in the details of how you would do this....
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    Creativity and word of mouth.

    I am not saying it would be mineplex in a few months but I guarantee I could make it profitable.
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  7. The issue is that in order for word of mouth to work you need to first get an initial playerbase. This is especially true for certain gamemodes, ie. factions or mini-games which I emit aren't really the best to start with, but you don't always control where your best/most creative ideas are.
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    I know how it works bro. I ran a server for 4 years without spending a dime on advertising.

    Im not saying this to brag or boast, rather to explain that you shouldn't discourage because "it is saturated". That really doesn't matter. Sure, an extreme amount of success is unlikely but that doesn't mean that there is no room for some type of success.
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  9. It also helps that i have such a great community going for me already. They tell me what the flaws are and i go in and fix them. If i cannot fix them, i turn to higher knowledge and find other people who have same situation and learn more and more. eventually Ill be doing everything on my own. To keep it short, community is what keeps a server running. If you listen to them, actually join them in your server, and play along side them, you can do anything. I can't tell you how many servers I have seen where the staff don't give a hoot about the players. I appreciate the warning but I am already aware and I look passed it.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into them!