Starting a Minecraft Server Need Help with It.

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  1. I bought a minecraft server like 30 days ago and it is collecting dust because of my bad knowledge about servers. I first bought it to play vanilla survival with friends then I really wanted it to make a faction server with multiple worlds with their own difficulties (like normal world, hard world, mayhem/overkill world etc.).
    My server hardware:
    Core i7 7700 2C/4T @ 3.6 GHz (2 cores enabled I heard about minecraft servers using only one core so i think this will be enough. I'm not planning a hub server just a single gamemode for beginning)
    6 GB of ram (I can increase it up to 12 GB depending on our success)
    I need help about basic knowledge that will help me to start my own server and if you have enough time you can help me further.
    My discord: MagicScoper#3818
  2. Well if you don't have the basic knowledge, why would someone partner up with you? It would be one person, for the most part, doing everything at that point. The other person would be best building their own server instead.
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  3. I can't really understand plugins. Only thing the person has to do answer my few questions when i get stuck? Is this asking for too much?
  4. It can be. Depending on how many questions, how difficult the plugin is, and how quick you are at learning.
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  5. Don't worry I will do most of the learning myself but without having someone to ask questions when you get stuck is so tedious and hard. There aren't many guides on internet about this server stuff but I'm doing my best by trial and failure method but once I get stuck it is so hard to continue.
  6. Strahan


    Sooooo ask your questions on the forum when you have them. You don't need a general post like this. Just when you have a question, create a post for the question.
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