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  1. I've been hosting servers on and off for about 4 years now, and i want to start back up again. I've owned a server called:, it's no longer online but you can look up youtube videos of the server. What i need is someone to mainly help host it, i'm not going to accept unprofessional people (as in little kids sorry but i'm cutting right to the point) I know a lot of the minecraft community are mainly young children but i know there's a few mature people out there.
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    I have custom plugins made and bought for myself that i will be using for this server. I currently just moved houses so i won't have the best contact with my employees. But i will be distributing the profits with the ones that do help! But i mainly need someone to provide a server host that is reliable and not cheap... other than that i can set most of it up. I'll also need some builders to build a spawn. I'll give details out to people i accept but in the mean time just pm me on spigot and i'll get back to you asap!
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  2. There's enough Factions servers out there. You aren't going to get out of the gate with a Factions server unless you spend a ton in advertising. Think of something different?
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  3. Well.. people like mostly vanilla or something.. .. sg is good. Hg is even better. And so on.
  4. I've never seen a single Vanilla server with more than 20 players in the past few years.
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  5. I have.. that's why I made one.. and I get a few on.. but the best part.. I don't need money to run my server.. I don't even pay for it :D. That's why I add random servers lol
  6. Ferx


    Uh VanillaVerse? peaked at 140..

    js, & like, internet.

    In all honesty I doubt you'll find anyone who has professional expertise on here who would be interested in this, but good luck. I'd wager they'd have already started a server. This sounds like an investment request tbh.
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  7. Ferx


    You're strangely argumentative. Should fix that.

    20 < 140
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  8. Also VanillaVerse isn't even Vanilla Minecraft. I don't know what universe you live in, but it uses plugins.
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  9. Vanilla means keeping the core of the game the same. Protecting spawn and a ban system and chat control doesn't take away from the core, ie still vanilla.
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  10. You should understand the definition of vanilla. Although it's an informal meaning, adding chest protection is indeed an extra feature from the default Minecraft game. Just being rational. Calling VanillaVerse vanilla, you might as well splatter paint on all definitions, because what are facts right?
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  11. I don't feel like arguing but I will. Vanilla ice cream and vanilla cookies have something in common. They both have vanilla at their core. You can change the outer shell but as long as you keep the core unchanged, it's considered vanilla. You're arguing overly critical for no reason. For all intents and purposes, VanillaVerse is vanilla with just a few changes so people can play peacefully.
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  12. A term i've seen used on another server is French Vanilla. However, they've moved away from it now.
  13. Are you really comparing vanilla ice cream to the adjective vanilla? Might as well compare lying as telling a lie to lying down.
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  14. Your impresion on me is super "professional".
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  15. You used to run Fear? Like the old fear, the one with fastfood and all that?
  16. I kinda have the same problem, i am also searching for mature staff although the goal of a server shouldn't be making profit off of it.
    a peak of 140 people is amazing and you should be happy with what you have.
    vanilla is a wide term. Its more about were you put the border. for an example, they have added a ban system to get rid of hackers and they have added spawn protection to get rid of spawn griefing. But they put factions in so there would be a way to create teams and they have put Auction in as a way to sell items to other players. So my opinion is that vanilla is NOTHING added although i like the argument of are0planes. (Keeping the core of Minecraft in the server)
  17. I remember when I got 5 players a day :D.. oh wait.. I still do.. XD jk.. I do get new players legit my everyday. But.. anyways.. vanilla is basically a server with plugins and added features.. not factions.. lol.. ya.
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    So what, people should aim for the 31 thousand player networks, and hope to be earning half the 6 figures a month? If you're just starting a server to get big and rich fast, stop right now. It wont happen.

    You shouldn't start a server with the intention of being a thousand+ player network, because you'll try so hard it wont happen. And then I'll laugh :)
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  19. I'm just trying for 20 a day :3.. I've got all day.. I don't pay for anything.. XDD