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  1. Welcome im mrx49er.
    First I want to thank you for taking the time to look at this post.

    A bit about me, i'm 18 years young, been crafting since alpha and recently started working on a server
    off of my computer not much on the building side but more of just configuring plugins. This which will
    take me to my topic. Ive had thoughts of starting a new server for our faction loving minecrafters.
    A goal of mine is to find a player base of mature players and mature staff preferably ages 15+.

    What is the server about? Like i mentioned before I have not done much on the build side,
    but more on the configuration of plugins side. I have not completed all configs yet but the way
    I am configuring this server is with the goal of having a strong pvp and economy implementation.
    Team based fighting and all our most loved plugins will be installed but this server wont be like all your typical servers! I want players to be able to make money threw methods such as Jobs, or Selling items to our shop. Ingame money will be able to be used to not only buy items but player ranks as well!

    What am I looking for?
    Well i'm not only looking for a mature player base but players to help me get this server started and going. I have not yet bought the server as im still working on the server threw my computer.
    But before I even launch my server with a whitelist. Im looking for 2 things
    staff, builders, and advertisers.
    Considering the fact I can't run this server all by myself I am looking for players who like the concept of this server and are willing to help the server upon its start. Since I have not done much building I will be aggressively looking for good builders. Read more to see what I look for...

    What I look for in Staff?
    I plan to start the server off with at minimum 1 Admin . and 2 moderators.
    I look for a mature staff preferably ages 16+ , staff that know how use plugins and how to help
    our players when they have questions. Also staff should know how the servers' concept works.
    No disrespectful staff, experienced staff, and active! I myself will not be able to get on every once an while
    so I will expect that staff take care of the server just as good as if I was around. Applications can be sent Via message. If accepted i'l notify you about your acceptance and also notify you when the server will be purchased and up and running. Thank you.

    What I look for in Builders?
    Considering that I have not done much building on the map yet I will need a minimum of 2-3 builders to get this server started! I myself always been a fan of the medieval style.
    Looking for builder who can build in this style would be amazing but open to any and all styles. Builders will gain a certain rank and extra commands upon opening the server! Also will be recognized for the builds u build. Looking for mature, skilled players ages 15+. To Apply simply message me with an application and pictures of your previous builds and style of building will be mandatory! Thank you.
    Building Plans: Better Spawn. Pvp Arena. Mob Arena.
    Small Town Holding Server Information.

    What I look for in advertisers?
    Our advertisers will be the ones who give us traffic on the server! Advertisers will be in charge of bumping our post on all sites advertised and creating a good description to our servers where its posted. Advertisers will also gain a certain rank / commands upon the opening of the server, perhaps posting on youtube as well, will prefer you have a good amount of subscribers. Advertisers can apply via message.

    What plugins will the server have?
    Considering it being a strong pvp-economy based server we will implement these plugins. Please feel free to comment recommendations of plugins that you think will help the concept of the server meet its goals!
    -Shop(Virtual Shop) -Buycraft -Factions Vs Guilds? -Massive Core
    -Essentials -Essentials Chat -Essentials AntiBuild -Essentials Protect -Mob Arena -CreativeGates
    -EzRanksLite -Jobs Reborn -Network Vote -Chat Protection+ -Vault - PEX -Worldedit -Worldguard
    -Combat Timer -Lockette

    Thank you all of you who read this far down, i'm looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!​
  2. Well, I don't think you will find staff members on spigot.
    Most people here are server owners / developer.
    Still maybe you will find some builders or somthing.
    Anyways good luck with your server!
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  3. Appreicate it Chemmic, Im also posting this on Minecraft forums and other popular forums as well.
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