[Starting a Server] What could I do with $1000-2000?

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  1. I'm going to be starting a server network (custom factions plugin & custom kitpvp & generic prison) soon with $1000-2000. Can anyone help estimate what I could do with that much (how many players I could get)?

    1. It will have totally custom plugins.
    2. I don't need to pay for developers and system admins as I can do it myself.
  2. depends what type of server you want, and who you go to do the building
  3. You can't just estimate amount of players by what you have/how much money you have. It all depends on advertising, and just if people decide to stay. Running a server is most of the time a lot of luck. If someone finds your server, thats luck. If a youtuber does a review on the server, its about 1/2 luck. See what I'm getting at?

    But anyways, I think that with that amount of money, depending on where you advertise and how good your plugins are, you could get anywhere from 5-100 players solid on your server.
    EDIT: This estimation accounts for about 250$ worth of builds
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  4. Depends on many factors. But, 2k in ADVERTISEMENTS spent wisely can get enough joins to get a 50-150 average player base.
  5. If you really want to spend money on ads, wait til winter break. September and October is a hard month for getting players...
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  6. get some youtubers, I hear zexyzek can help you temporarily, but you will start to lose players after he does the vid. Just get him for a video i guess, and if you have enough, save for a .org slot?
  7. Start with one server not three
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  8. Lol no, dont get .org
    I would suggest getting youtubers, and you could probably get 100-200 player with 2k in ads, if your server can keep the players
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  9. Best advice that mostly everyone here could agree on: Start with a single server first, build up a player base first. If you attempt to start a network with no pre-existing player-base, you're setting yourself up for failure. Even if you had 20 players on concurrently, they would be split up in between the servers, reducing an all around interactive/social experience. However 20 concurrent players on a single server is a decent playerbase, and once you have that I would recommend expanding to appeal to more players
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  10. Spend ~$50 - ~$100 on getting builds, have all your plugins setup for $10 per server ( ;) ) and get a decent website with XenForo. Rest is advertisement money/hosting.
  11. I know, but I already have an existing player base from my co-owner's old server.
  12. You're only tell everyone this because you get too many players and then they crash your server.
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  13. With that $1000-$2000 you should donate to spigot
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  14. I should not start a server these times, because of the DMCA on Spigot etc..
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  15. It's clearly an invalid DMCA, I don't care about that.
  16. Well, don't be so sure about that. It worked at bukkit, and we use their code aswell. If it was a invalid DMCA, then md_5 won't post it on the homepage.
  17. It didn't 'work' at Bukkit, someone at Multiplay panicked and took it down. md_5 only put it on the homepage because he wanted to let us know and raise funds for proper lawyers just in case.
  18. I mean it happenend to bukkit aswell, and we use their code.
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  19. kevin.


    Donate all of that money to a good cause.
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  20. Lmao that has nothing to do with what I said, whatsoever. But that's okay, stay butthurt :D