[Starting a Server] What could I do with $1000-2000?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by HyperPlay, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Butthurt about what? The fact that you tried to scam me and when I realised moaning and getting desperate on Skype?
  2. Scam you on skype? Lolol, I sold the server to permissonsex for 4k, was totally a scam. What a adumbass kid you are
  3. I would not start a server now. Wait until all this is bukkit shutdown stuff is over. Mojang might release their own API meaning your custom plugins would not work anymore.
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  4. With $100 you can get a 200-500 server up and running.

    With my old Dutch server I had +- 100 players online and I only started with $20. After that, I received donations so I even made profit.

    What I can tell you is start small, don't think directly to the big picture as Hypixel etc, just start little and grow your community up. You don't even need $2000 because I started with $20 and that community was only for Belgium and The Netherlands, so not internation.
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  5. Highly doubt that you could get 200-500 players with 100$ lol
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  6. You just start small and let the community pay for bigger servers and more advertise. :)
  7. Dutch people donating to servers? Does that even exist? I know many Dutch servers that closed (I speak Dutch) because absolutely no one donates even with a great server and 100+ average players online. That's the only reason why I'm not dedicating my to Dutch people.
  8. These threads make me sad and sick to my stomach at the same time, and I hate having to bear repeating myself again but...

    Don't. It's a waste of money along with it being a waste of time. You're not going to get nearly enough as what you'd hoped for in addition to the fact that the money could have been used for a much better purpose.

    To directly answer your question, what you could do is NOTHING. And what you should do is also NOTHING.

    An Optimistic Realist
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  9. Teg


    Such realism
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  10. It's perfectly fine to use the code, we just can't redistribute it.
  11. Are you kidding me?
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  12. Ciro don't scam. He is 100% legit.
  13. no
  14. Now is really not the best time to start a server tbh.
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  15. You could do ALOT with that amount of money.
  16. @xDukeLukex, what I've learned is that you have to find a balance between generic and unique. When someone fails with a generic server, they're like "oh I have to 100% original and recreate essentials from scratch zomg minigaymes." You should never trade one end of the spectrum for another... you want to be in the middle. That said, what you should do is have the same gameplay experiences that people are used to, but give them a reason to switch. Make your server prettier than the other ones, EDIT existing plugins to have unique features, etc. So when you do get a youtuber or server listing and people join, more people stay because they have a reason to switch. But at the same time it's the same generic thing that you know works, it's just somewhat unique. Start with 2-3 servers like Factions, Prison, and Skyblock. Put at least 1-2 months of work in before you begin to advertise, make the server look professional and feel different.
  17. Don't start a server now. Bukkit may not be relevant anymore.
  18. New account? Why...
  19. I've started one on 40$, After posting all the sites for people to join I get 20 people...*GROUP MANAGER BREAKS* I get it fixed the next day and nobody came back lol...
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