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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm not new to starting a server, but now I'm becoming more ambitious and I'm starting a new english survival server. I used to do french servers, so my only problem now is I don't have any community, I don't have any english friend that does play minecraft. That's why I'm coming to you. I need a staff base and a community base, but I'm starting from literally nothing.

    What should I do?
    Thanks in advance for all your replies
  2. If you don't have a community you could advertise your server in YT.
    If you don't have a friend that speaks english and plays minecraft, idk. I don't think you could trust someone from spigot.

    I am also trying to start a server, but I have the fortune of having 2 (lazy) friends who play minecraft somewhat regularly. They're my only staff. I don't know what else to say about getting staff, but maybe as you get bigger and bigger some of your french friends may want to help you.

    As for getting a community, my only idea is to advertise your server on YT, either making videos on how to play in your server or simply making ads.
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  3. Thank you for your advise, unfortunately my french friends aren't bilingual so they aren't of that much help (except for building). I never thought about the YT video, but the thing is I have no subscriber or anything so I guess I could always approach some youtubers to make a video on my server once it is up and running.
  4. Starting from nothing isn't as bad as you think, you have the option to create whatever kind of server you want.

    You don't really need staff members ftom the first day, but as your player base and community grow, you can pick from them.
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  5. Staff wont be needed until you either have like, 3-5 people always online, and/or you end up being away for sometime.

    If you are doing only survival, you'll need to really go ham on the advertising.

    If its gonna be purely survival, (no vanilla) make sure you have some various cool systems to keep players active. Idk, weekly events for maybe getting players to kill a wither, or build a certain structure. Building competitions etc.

    I mean, Best of Luck, servers are fun for sure!
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  6. Salut je vais parler en français.
    Actuellement je suis fondateur d'un serveur faction français, je te conseille juste de persisté tu auras du mal à te lancé sur du us en étant français.
    Il faut juste persisté et lancé une communication bien travaillé et planifié .
    Une publicité youtube régulière, un système de vote attractif, mettre en valeur le discord, faire des concours twitter .
    Diversifier le maximum les moyens de communication qui peuvent attirer des joueurs .
    Bonne chance à toi !
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  7. Merci beaucoup! En fait je suis Québecois du coup je suis 100% bilingue et la communauté québecoise sur minecraft est très peu active. Si je fais un serveur en français je dois attirer les joueurs d'Europe, mais avec le décalage de 6 heures c'est un peu bof... :/
  8. Ouai je vois, si tu maîtrise l'anglais donc autant que tu te lance aux États-Unis mais ducoup le plus simple sera d'avoir un personnel juste qui nous parle anglais car les bilingues sont des pépites d'or car derrière il faut les compétences et la maturité.
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  9. Je te remercie pour ses conseils, ils sont très utiles ! (y)
  10. Si j'ai d'autres choses à demander j'essayerai de passer par vous ^^
  11. A bientôt j'espère ;)
  12. They could perhaps be helpful in other ways, such as plugin configuration, they could also help you to moderate chat as long as you were in a call with them. It's always good to build a server with people you know.

    Good luck!
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  13. You will meet people very quickly, just get the hang of it and go heavy on advertising and it’ll turn out well
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