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  1. Since my Multi World Substitution for BungeeCord was WAY too complicated im now using BungeeCord, but I don't get several things

    The guides say setting online mode to false for The servers connected to Bungee is required but disables the protection. But isn't there online mode in BungeeCord config.yml?
    Setting max players in BungeeCord dosent do anything at all...
    How do I disable /server when player types it in chat but allow when player clicks a sign? My Plugin runs the command for the player but disabling it for player means theycant use the sign
  2. Also will starting up Bungee start all servers connected to it at once?
    If I want to handle bans and ranks do i use BungeeCord Plugins or the individual Spigot server Plugins?
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    1. Bungeecord verifies this itself, there is a setting there for it, the idea is that you set the servers into offline mode and let bungee handle auth, otherwise you wouldn't be able to auth with the servers themselves. Make sure that you read this:

    2. Setting max players only affects the listener, bungee max and spigot server max are two different things (it should work, however; and plugins can affect that)

    3. the /server command is handled 100% by bungeecord, plugins can't send that command, they'd use the messaging channel, (unless it's a chat message that they click, then the command is actually ran by the player); you could disable it with bungeecords config, but then you wouldn't be able to use it. Fairly sure that a plugin could technically handle that

    3. no

    4. You'll probably want a ban plugin that can handle bungeecord properly, I have no suggestions for that; for ranks, you can use a plugin such as luckperms, you'd need to install it on bungeecord and all the servers, but it would link stuff like that across servers
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