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  1. Hiya! I am starting a minecraft hosting company guys. Now before we start this I dont want to hear these things (I know I am asking for help but understand I am not new to some of this).
    • It cost a lot of money (I have a "lot" of money)
    • You need a dedicated server (I have a dedicated server)
    • You have to know how to use stuff (I own a network I know how to set up a server Via puty and stuff)
    • The market it crowded (I know this people I am starting this for my stakes of learning new things)
    • Legal this legal that I know
    Now that is done with I have some questions if you guys do not mind answering.
    1. How do you set up a website
    • What is that layout every flipping company uses?
    • Scripts and how to make it so when u buy a server it makes it
    2. Any other info?
    • How to make sure ur server dosent go over ram (say I have 30 GB on my server used and someone buys a 8GB server but I only have 32GB make it so that it wont use that and deny it)
    • Automatic payments?
    I use McMyAdming (Yes I prefer that but if needed I will change), I do have a license.

    Thanks guys for answering this but I can't seem to find a "guide" for this. Sorry for spelling.
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  2. Also forgot to include this...
    • Make servers have auto ports
    • and how to make it to where the MyMcAdming Login has a auto port
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    Are you aware (and 'ok') with the financial loss that'll occur if your project doesn't go as good as expected? It's almost impossible to complete with larger Minecraft hosts since most of them have spent years (and lots of money) with marketing. Also you should use the control panel you plan to use beforehand, instead of asking blind questions, so if something goes wrong you'll know what is wrong before you have 'clients' on the server.
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  4. > wants to host servers
    > doesn't know how to setup a website

    Don't go trying to run a business to learn things. Half the stuff you've asked should not be a question by someone that wants to offer these services in exchange for peoples' money. Learn to do the stuff first, then charge money for it.

    Play with all the different panels, make an informed choice so you know what you're doing with them. You can't expect to run to spigot/the panel support and leave a customer ticket waiting a week, because you don't know what you're doing with the panel. Research billing software and figure out what has the features you need, learn how to set them up and get it working with your panel. Do all of this before you even think of charging money.
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  5. I do know and I am doing this but this is for me and some of my friends mostly I dont plan on going public till i get it down just me and some friends who want servers I own a network i love mymcadmin i use that one but i would love a link to a tut are something are just things such as that
  6. "My" server? Oh please don't tell me you'll be hosting your network and your clients on the same machine.

  7. also my main thing is waht software is this???

    They all have that layout
    just different ways of it
  8. No I am not I have two dedicated machines in this case I have two 32 GB
  9. Ill save you for the hassle, just pay me the money you wanted to spend and your loss would be the same BUT you would atleast make me happy :]
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  10. omfg
  11. All i wanted to know thanks dude will look into it
  12. what did u just even say
  13. You could hire a sysadmin to run the company for you.
  14. Recommend someone who will set it up for me and price
  15. @Night might do that. I'd estimate their price to be at least US$60, you'll need to contact them though to get an actual quote.
  16. Awesome haha thanks man but yeah I will work on this me and some friends but if someone would set it up would be nice
  17. googling "billing software" or looking at the bottom of any of the pages you linked would have told you that.
  18. would they ? I did...
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