Starting up a OP prison server.

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  1. So as you may or may not know I am going to be doing how to servers.
    Hey whats up guys here is a 100% tutorial on how to make a OP prison server
    • 1. Host
    Getting a Host is as important as players. I reccomended these host
    Or MCProHosting
    There both great and I love them both. Or homehost but it has risks.
    • 2. Plugins
    Let me tell you this is the hardest part. Heres a MUST HAVE PLUGIN LIST
    • Essentials
    • MineResetLite
    • Rankup OR PrisonRankup
    • Prison2
    • Crates
    • Gangs
    • BlocktoInventory
    • Kitadder
    • DP
    • Worldedit
    • Worldgaurd
    • Jail
    • Buycraft
    • Votifier
    • AutoRank
    • ChestShop
    • Combattag
    • Multiverse Core & Portals
    • Finally Permissions Groupmanager Or Pex are the best.

    • 3. BuildTeam
    You need a good buildteam for spawns and such don't make cubes in Worldedit. Also make sure everything is easily found.
    • 4. Godaddy & Enjin
    Make a proffesional Domain name and a advanced enjin plan. As well as buycraft advanced
    • Youtube and Advertise
    Thats it for now. I have to go any questions leave in comments any problems give me your IP and ya. Ill help u. ​
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  2. Found a lot of spelling mistakes in this post which made it a bit more difficult to read so I suggest fixing them up.
  3. .... Those are the two worsts hosts.. just no.

    GoDaddy is horrible. I used to use StableHost and they were great, but now just host my site off of my dedicated box.

    Enjin is horrible... just no. Please. Unless you spend a great amount of time customizing Enjin, it's the same generic crap. I'd recommend anything but Enjin... if you want a forum software for free, I'd recommend SMF (Simple Machine Forum) or MyBB. If you're willing to put an investment into your server and have the money to do so, I'd strongly recommend XenForo; it's a great software and you get a large amount of control over it compared to Enjin.
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  4. The only reason I said GGservers is because of price. 3$/1Gb and MCProhosting is not that bad. But its overpriced but free MYsql n FTP in browser isnt bad
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  5. Yes I only knew about Godaddy I also thought cloudflare is good too.
    Also I was wondering. I have a dedi machine. Do you have any software where I can build my website and then host it on my dedicated server ???
  6. I will i was in a hurry. Also I did not finish it. Im thinking of posting my pre built server.
  7. If your here for hate Im fine with it. But as well leave criticism. To improve my post and server wise then putting., "Ha"
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    To be blunt: bad guide.

    Actually make one before you write a guide.

    So, so, so wrong. Please actually learn what you're doing before you try to "guide" people.

    EDIT: Look at his profile, he's 8. #ExplainsEverything
  9. too many chromosomes.
  10. Well, define "build my website." I gave you some forum|website software suggestions already.
  11. Ya im 8. Totally thats why Im using a 400$ dedi server.
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  12. No no sir. I was wondering if I can make a website using that software. And I can host it on my computer
  13. 1. Get yourself a dedi if you don't have one.
    2. Hire a web developer.. (me)
    3. Install Apache or Nginx
    4. Hire a sysadmin (me)
    5. Profit..?

    P.S. - Add .org and Youtubers on your advertising section. Other than that, it was a pretty shitty guide. Learned... nothing. :(
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  14. Wouldn't recommend hosting it on your computer, but what @DerpyTurtle6 said -- install Apache or Nginx, which are web servers. Then drop the forum software into the directory. For Apache on Linux, that'd be under "/var/www/."
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    Then you're immature, which is about the same thing. Your profile says 8.
  16. Maybe add QuickSell
  17. Thanks I just saw it. I thought it said Birth Day not age. Sorry lol
  18. Still using my banner hmm? Damn you are one annoying little bitch.
    I was mad but then I actually laughed when I saw this
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    Lol ok then