Spigot StartingCredit v1.2

Let the average credit of all players be the starting credit for new players.

  1. ImaTimelord7 submitted a new resource:

    StartingCredit - Let the average credit of all players be the starting credit for new players.

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  2. Is this a economy plugin and where is the commands?
  3. No commands, its just a simple plugin that has a few options (see the config) that revolve around the single task of deciding how much money new players should receive when joining your server for the first time - An average of the balance of previous existing players.

    You will also need both Vault and a plugin to handle your economy (Like essentials).
  4. It would be cool if you could make a plugin where it's like a server currency.
  5. Uhh, like essentials + vault?

    Note; I say essentials, however there are many plugins that can handle an economy.
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  6. I have updated StartingCredit, fixing the ClassNotFoundException, I am actually very surprised that no one has discovered this problem yet, as I would assume it should happen to everyone.. Yes, there are very few downloads but surely you wouldn't just give up if the plugin doesn't load?

    Points to locknlol for saying something about it - And look, fixed asap. :)

    StartingCredit v1.1

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  7. Actually the v1.0 (or version) is there to show an obvious difference between each version. Which I find very handy, for example right now you can look at both the v1.0 and v1.1 jar and instantly know that not only the v1.1 jar is the latest, but the v1.0 jar doesn't work :)
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  8. You currently have doubled up on your packages, is this your intention? Additionally I'm not getting a config.yml saved, in fact I don't actually see anywhere in your code where you're saving out the config file.

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  9. Not my intention, I refactored that really badly :p
    Will post new update shortly.
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  10. Yes, haven't used it in ages, can't quite remember why - Something along the lines of overwriting users custom configuration?
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  11. Na it doesn't do that, it only saves it if the file doesn't exist. Also, a lot easier to manage than what you're currently working with. You just edit config.yml inside your source, and format it the way you want it to be formatted.
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  12. Dang that's cool, your right that's definitely going to make my life a lot easier, thanks so much for that. :)
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  13. Any update to the config issue?
  14. Does v1.2 not fix it?
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  15. Checking now, my bad.
  16. Houston, we have config file.
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