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  1. Hello everyone! This is Zander, creator of Z-Boot, what could be considered the most highly advanced and feature-packed command-line server launcher for Windows. Below is a list of all features included:
    • No need to go into the folder, this is designed to launch from the desktop
    • Select RAM amount in gigs OR megs
    • Choose to launch the server WITH or WITHOUT plugins
    • Even use a custom set of plugins! Just make a folder and copy plugins into it!
    • Restart the server without using the dreaded /reload! Just stop it and enter "restart"!
    • For a quick launch, easily create presets using our preset creator! You can have as many as you want!
    • Choose the jar file you wish to use
    • Run multiple Servers on the same machine, each labeled whatever you wish
    • Choose to back up world files upon stopping server--no need for any plugin to do this!
    • Automatically use the most ideal version of Java
    • Add extra arguments to your Java command
    Z-Boot was built in and for Windows 7. It should work with almost all versions of Windows, however. If it does not, please use PasteBin to show me the error it throws. It is also a good idea to go into the file with Notepad++ and change @ECHO OFF to @ECHO ON.

    To download: Get the .bat file from the DropBox link provided. I recommend using the latest version, as it contains less bugs than the earlier ones. For archive purposes, I have compiled a list of (mostly) all versions. There is a link to that, also.
    Archive Folder: Archive

    Latest: V7.2

    Original thread for this project can be found on the Bukkit forums, here.

    Please do suggest new features, and like this post if you want more! You can also contribute code if you like. I most likely will check GitHub occasionally, but it is better to make a request on this thread.

    Source code can be found here.
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  2. Ok...but most people don't home host these days...

    Pretty cool.
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  3. @InfestedMonotype Yeah, I realize home-hosting isn't a big thing anymore, but what's stopping people from using it in non-home-host situations? I don't really know much about how hosts handle things, but can't they change their start script?
  4. Most hosts use Linux. It's rare, not to mention expensive, for Windows Servers. Essentially this would be for home hosts and very closed and small networks, since it only supports Windows 7.
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  5. That's cool... But I think most people on spigot are either using shared hosting or a Linux vps/dedicated server.
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  6. I tried downloading the file but chrome and mcafee said it was dangerous. Even virustotal found it dangerous
  7. It's a batch file... how can it be dangerous? I mean sure, del *, but my code is not malicious. You can see the source code on the GitHub link.
    You can even use notepad++ to check the actual file, too. I would not write a virus.

    I may try to learn bash and rewrite this. But it would be hard to test, as my main computer is windows.
  8. Wait a minute... my OP was voted... funny? Cool but.. why?
  9. Probably a linux nazi (like me, but I have a bit more dignity than that)
  10. Ah, I like Linux. It's superior for any sort of hosting. And the amount of choice you get is amazing, plus the fact that it's free. My next computer is definitely going to be Linux. Windows is good for a lot of things, though, because the majority of games are developed for Windows.
  11. Possible Linux beta version coming out. Depends on if and when I get switched to Arch Linux.