Spigot Stats 2.5

Add /stats to your PvP server to show off your stats!

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    PvPStats - Add /stats to your PvP server to show off your Stats!

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  2. Nice resource! Im going to be making my own stats plugin and this will help give me a few ideas! Thanks <3
  3. Sorry to ask again however is there now a statstop :O?
  4. Could you add a per World setting in the cionfig? I'd like to have a pvp World with this and then a creative World without.
  5. Get Bungee this isn't related with this plugin having a problem :)
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  6. Statstop <3 sorry lol
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  8. fantastic plugin for pvp server
  9. Thanks, please leave a review if you like the plugin :)
  10. Can you make it so a a Gui will open with all the stats.
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  11. I will add this feature in a version to come :)