Spigot StatTrakItems 1.1

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  1. suggestion, add a command to give players a stat track item that when they apply it on to an item it adds the lore, this way it can be applied to players old tools and weapons instead of forcing them to make new ones just for the stat tracking.
  2. Hm.., I'll make it with a permission, so you can decide who can do this.

    P.S. Thx for suggestion!

    P.S.2 And not just name & lore, but some NBT Tags too.
  3. Getting an error when trying to craft a StatTrack item, please see the attached latest.log.txt for the error.

    Running Spigot 1.12.

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  4. Oh, sorry, i was inactive, i'll fix it right now, sorry :C
  5. So, the problem was with NMS classes, f*** net.minecraft.server imports

    All is ready now, i'll post update in few minutes.