Bungee - Spigot Statz v1.6.2

The one-and-all plugin to record and store stats about any player.

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    Statz - The one-and-all plugin to record and store stats about any player.

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  2. I do not get it. This is just an API for devs and a datafeeder for AutoRankup?

    Would be cool to have some commands like /statz top dataname or /statz playername dataname to show data ingame
  3. Yes, at the moment this is just a way of getting statistics about players for other plugins. I could add commands if you'd like that.
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  4. Would be very cool. I am using a plugin that can display output of any command in holograms. I am using this for our Hall of fame

    BUT: There is no good Statistic plugin, which has a Top10 command =(
  5. Any chance of MySQL support?
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  6. Probably in a while, but it is not high priority right now.
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    Statz v1.1

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  8. Is there a way to transfer Stats data to this one or choose which one this tracks for auto rank?
    Like if we cant transfer I would like autorank to still use Stats for block place/break but I would want this for votes/mcmmo.
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  9. is there a way to disable the "[Statz] Save Statz database." console readout every minute? Not the end of the world if there isn't the possibility.

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  10. Yes, there is! The Statz config has an option to disable the save message (see the new update).
  11. At the moment, there is no way to transfer data from Stats to Statz. However, if you still want to run Stats, you can install both Stats and Statz on your server and disable Statz tracking in its config. Autorank will currently prefer Stats over Statz (to have a smooth transition) and will use Stats if it is installed.
  12. This is amazing. I have used lolmewnstats for 3 or so years now and I rely on it along with autorank for my auto ranking system in-game. lolmewnstats is never updated, its got quite a few bugs, and im still using stats2 since he changed the schema for the plugin and the conversion does not work.
    I have too many ideas to all request in one forum thread, so i'll keep it simple.
    • A Solid MySQL backend is a must, this makes it cross server, backup easy and web UI compatible, if the database schema is solid, I will convert from my stats2 to Statz and I will create the main web UI for the plugin. Here is my current stats2 custom web UI I created stats.piratemc.com
    • Please make sure every single in-game statistic is tracked, with the same amount of detail as lolmewnstats
    • If you wanted to pull another plugins data, GriefPrevention is a big one, you could pull Number of claims, total claim blocks, remaining claim blocks from GriefPrevention, what would also be fantastic, is number of sieges started, number of sieges lost, you could even track the amount of trusted players each player has (how friendly they are)
  13. YASSSSS This is a great idea!!! (I second this :3)
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  14. Great to hear you like it! I'm definitely going to implement a MySQL setup. However, SQLite will be used for data management. Statz will store its data in the SQLite database and will copy that data to a MySQL setup (if configured). It will not obtain data from the MySQL database but merely mirroring it. As for other stats, I'm already working on implementing all the other statistics of Stats into Statz.

    Lastly, thanks for the suggestion on GriefPrevention. It's a great plugin with a lot of different (and interesting) datasets that I will definitely add to Statz.
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  15. Is this because you are comfortable with SQLite? When it comes to data management, MySQL is a gold industry standard. SQLite can become corrupt, has a hell of a lot less tools to use with it. MySQL has insane capabilities, MySQL opens up a ton of command line based tools, working with other plugins, better backups, user management etc etc. It just adds more moving parts to have MySQL only as a backup and read-only...you would limit the plugin greatly for no reason if its used as just a mirror. Take inspiration from plugins like GriefPrevention, its a toggle, either SQLlite or MySQL, it will be very difficult to diagnose issues if its doing a basic Mirror, I understand you want to code one backend to make it as simple for yourself as possible, but please don't cut corners when it comes to something as important as a data schema, MySQL trumps SQLite in a million ways.

    Quick technical disadvantage of SQLite:
    If its pulling direct from MySQL other tools could manage the data, you could quickly see live data using an array of tools, and change, edit and manipulate data if any issues occurs, or easily migrate. Please take into consideration a proper backbone for the system, since its new, you don't want to create issues before we have even got to them when they can easily be avoided!

    A quick google turned up these tutorials:
  16. Is there commands to add data to players stats? Also will this keep track of first broke blocks? don;t want players using silk touch to keep breaking the same diamond ore.
  17. Does Statz keep track of first broke blocks. Need to stop players from using silk touch to get the diamond ore requirements done. Also would like to have command to add data to players stats, since I have a way to read what is in Stats so I can manually add it
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  18. I've used MySQL before and the main disadvantage I keep coming across (with any database software) is that the getting data from a database costs time. I definitely agree that MySQL is the leader in terms of database software, it is extremely powerful. However, using MySQL, I will need to use async threads to get data from the server. At the moment, SQLite is also doing async stuff, but since the SQLite is on the local filesystem, the query time is comparatively small. I concur that MySQL is the better option, but it is also increasingly difficult with the threads. Since I know you are right and many servers also have MySQL support included, I'll make a 'toggle' option: either SQLite or MySQL.
  19. It does not have commands at the moment. These will be added once MySQL support is provided (next update). You can, however, use this program (http://sqlitebrowser.org/) to alter info in the database.

    Also, what do you mean by first block break?