Spigot STeleport - SafeTeleport 0.4.1b

A lightweight Random Teleport plugin that is safe, simple to use and efficient.

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    STeleport - SafeTeleport - A lightweight Random Teleport plugin that is safe, simple to use and efficient.

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  2. Looks slick. Some recommendation however. As it is with Fbasics RTP, make sure you take in consideration the servers worldborder, be it the default worldborder provided by all versions(Spigot PaperSpigot etc.), and the more commonly used worldborder plugin, to make sure that the players are rtp'd within the radius that the worldborder is set. Also I suggest adding a toggleable feature to rtp within a certain radius of the person(as to be edited by config), and a permission bypass for the radius restriction(this feature would be good for factions as we don't want a player at 0,0 tping to someone's faction base at 10,000). Of course this feature would have to have an edit-able x and z coordinate radius restriction within the config, with like I said earlier, a permission bypass. Also a feature has to be added to take into considerations factions territories, and to enable, and disable rtping, within a factions claimed territory, of course with this feature within the config there would have to be options to enable/disable rtping into all types of territories(allied, ones own faction, enemy, safezone, and warzone). There would also need to be a permission bypass for this as well.
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  3. I know i've given a lot of recommendations, but I assure you, everything I have recommended will extremely benefit the promotion, use, and downloads of this plugin, as it is low on features, but with those features added, no doubt this plugin will become great, and known.
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  4. I just realized the radius recommendation is already added, however that entire option needs to be toggleable.
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  5. I will try to implement these things as time goes by, I'm really grateful for your feedback and I will do my best to implement your recommendations.
  6. No problem :), and thanks.
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