Steve's Extensions (formerly ExtensionsBukkit)

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What do you think about it?

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  1. ExtensionsBukkit will be useful

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  2. ExtensionsBukkit will be useless

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  3. I want ExtensionsBukkit to be revived

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  1. I've already clone repo, wait my pull request <:

    Е-е-е, везде есть русские, здарова! :з
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  2. Adding new recipes as well as creating and handling custom events can already be done through the standard Bukkit API. You re-inventing the wheel for those features and my personal suggestion would be that you don't implement those. Adding new items and blocks seem like nice features tho.
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  3. You could add small feature which transform all chat emojis (like "<3") in real emoji (become "♥") without need to copy/paste it every time from Internet or use ASCII code.
  4. There’s already apis for this. Pretty sure I use one called emoji4j in one of my projects, can’t remember if that’s the name though.
  5. I don't want to "overlay" bukkit.
    I am trying to create a new modding API, that depends on Bukkit
  6. You should change your package if you do not own the address ""

    EDIT: I see some non-compatibilities with older and newer versions, I could make it unversioned (something like the BungeeCord's things).
    EDIT2: Type me if you want to create a loading folder in the plugin's folder for this "Extensions" you say (something like the Spigot's plugins folder)
  7. I will change it later
  8. Its not abandoned, its alive! We have a bunch of features, and the API is expanding!
  9. This sounds great!
  10. The ExtensionsBukkit project has been closed.
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  11. why dont u do it urself ?

    u have already started. there is no point of giving up the project :(
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  12. He was trying to do some mix of forge api and sponge api inside a bukkit plugin.
  13. Okay, so it's the time I'm thinking about reviving ExtensionsBukkit.

    It's been about one and a half years since it was created and one year since it was closed, so now I am thinking about reviving it.

    There are a few possible outcomes: (might be more)
    - Forget about ExtensionsBukkit and never remember it again
    - Revive ExtensionsBukkit as it was (a spigot plugin with a modding API inside)
    - Revive ExtensionsBukkit as a standalone Minecraft server

    And if I decide to revive it in any way, I think I should rename it to something other than ExtensionsBukkit.

    If you have any thoughts on whether it should or should not be revived, or if you have any suggestions, please reply to this thread.
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  14. As in for naming it, take any block in the game. Literally.
    Already used examples: Sponge, LilyPad, Cauldron.
    Not used (pretty sure) examples: Furnace, Chest, Ladder, Ice, etc
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  15. I don't think that would actually be a good solution, but I'll think about it.
    Also Anvil is already used, "Anvil file format"
  16. I'd just like to mention that I am still in fact working on this one. I'm currently only working on it's API, I haven't decided yet whether should it be a standalone server, or a bukkit plugin. If someone is interested in joining me, please reply. Let me explain it again why would you actually need Steve's Extensions (or ExtensionsBukkit), and what it can be used for. Well, as I've explained it in the head message of this thread, it's meant to emulate client mods, make it feel like you're playing with client mods, while you're actually not. I've planned to have an API for creating custom blocks, custom items or whatever, I mean, not actually custom items, but rather the items that are handled like custom items on the server side. Possibly also using an automatically built resource pack to change how they all look on the client.