Spigot Steve's Series | Fancy Drops 17

This plugin lets you customize how your dropped items look in the world

  1. [​IMG]
    *says nothing but positive things about the plugin*
    *rates it 3/5 stars*

    Hah, what?
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  2. The plugin has bugged me. I see objects on the floor without being able to pick it up or directly the quantity appears without any object. I leave you captures:



    I have removed the plugin and the numbers still appear and the problem is not fixed. what I do?
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  3. @Laguna The names are actually on armour stands, which is why they remain. You can remove the numbers by killing the nearby armour stands.

    Use this command:
    /kill @e[type=armor_stand,distance=..15]

    This command removes all armour stand within a radius of 15 blocks. Keep in mind that it will also destroy holographic displays and anything else using armour stands within that same radius.
  4. Thanks friend. When I try to put that command I get the following error:

    Error: Player not found
  5. This is due to EssentialsX overriding Minecraft’s kill command with the plugin’s own kill command, which doesn’t work the same way as the vanilla kill command.

    To bypass this, simply put minecraft: in front of the command.

    Go near the numbers and use this command:
    /minecraft:kill @e[type=armor_stand,distance=..10]
  6. @TSEngineer (replying to your reply to my review)
    Unfortunately as limitations posed by Minecraft I don't think there's a fix for the bugs I found without hacky methods that generate unnecessary lag.
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  7. But what exactly do you mean by "zombies trying to pick up items" and "being annoying when mining"?
  8. Items do actually appear, but in wrong places as I can see:
    So something is wrong with your config.yml

    Also in order to remove the plugin, you need to turn the server off, delete the plugin jar and then turn the server on. Fancy items/hints should be gone after doing so. (unless you're using a version before 2.0)
  9. The configuration file has not touched anything, leave everything by default. And nothing happens in some areas, I don't know why.

    And if I turned off the server, I removed the plugin, turned it on again and exactly the same thing happened, the "x2", "x5" were still there. To eliminate it I had to execute the command that our partner shared above :)
  10. Have you upgraded from a version before 2.0 or you've initially used a version that is/above 2.0?
  11. I am new with this plugin. First download version 2.0.2 :)
  12. What version of Spigot, Minecraft and ProtocolLib are you using? Also please send me your config.yml, it may be corrupt
  13. 1. when zombies stand on top of a dropped item it spams the pickup sound
    2. since the invisible armor stands have hitboxes, when mining, it gets in the way of the target block's hitbox so you have to wait for each item to fall. try an eff 5 or higher pickaxe and you'll see what I mean
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  14. #1 is definitely a bug, I'll investigate.
    #2 is actually a feature in the default config.yml, so it can be fixed by editing config.yml
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  15. Hey, so I did the same. I added the latest version of both Protocol Lib and this plugin onto my server. Suddenly mobs were lagging hard. Animations for them are clunky, cats take like 10 seconds to move a block. I removed the plugin and used the command to eliminate left over drops but im stil experiencing lag. Also, is there a way that this plugin could get a feature that the drops only apply to Player drops?
  16. That's a problem with your server, try using timings to find out what's lagging. Why only player drops tho?
  17. Oops! I never knew that. I'll take a look. Thanks for the info.
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  18. That's a lot of editing btw