Spigot Steve's Series | Fancy Drops 17

This plugin lets you customize how your dropped items look in the world

  1. editing?
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  2. Yep, you'll find a lot of "editing" words inside
  3. I mean you'll have to change a lot of things inside
  4. Ohhh thanks
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  5. Working on the lag issue still but i think there were some armor stands about. I had a couple of mobs farms and it probably did me in. As for an option for the drops to only occur when a player drops it, I feel it would be nice to have it in PVP for example when a player dies and his gear is splayed out where a player can really analyze what he had.
  6. This is a generic mechanic plugin. It would require a lot of work anyway.
  7. @lokka30 So have you fixed your first issue? Also I cannot reproduce the second one, so could you record a video of that happening or something?
  8. I haven't started up my server since, no idea :) if it's a config option to fix the hitboxes whilst mining, then it's fixed
    With the second issue, it could have been another plugin causing it. will look into this when i start working on my server again
  9. Ye but keep in mind that the config file is the most important part of the plugin, it's 1367 lines.
    I'll probably have multiple default configs that you'll be able to choose from.
  10. Yeah, a chunky config like that should be split into multiple files :)
  11. TSEngineer updated Steve's Series | Fancy Drops with a new update entry:

    Complete plugin rewrite. Ready for production use!

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  12. Interesting update, and welcome back TS!

    Can I ask how do you set it up so "x1" "x64" or "(small gray space line thing)" etc doesn't show up for any items? I don't want the number tags showing up, and setting the customNames to "" still shows a slight visible gray bar lol xD
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  13. Just remove the customName property entirely, this will hide the name tag. It is also very good to see someone who actually touched the configuration file! Also I wasn't away, I've just not updated Fancy Drops in a while.
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  14. Suggestion: Dropping block items (one by one, not in a stack) will place the blocks! :eek:

    What do you think?

    And with Worldguard/other plugin compatibility~ >w<
  15. Well, basically... Why?
  16. It would be great for larger building projects where you need to build like 10+ block tall walls, and can easily do it by spamming Q and a lot of building-related things :LOL:

    Or if you're mining and need to get down a tall ledge, you can drop some blocks down, climb on the pillar, then mine downwards

    So many possibilities! :D
  17. But... This plugin is meant to only make dropped items fancy, and nothing else
  18. Was just a suggestion ^^

    I don't think any other plugin does the block-placing thing so I wanted to ask

    Also, did this person possibly steal/fork your plugin and just change the basic command?


    It seems kind of identical...