Spigot Steve's Series | Fancy Drops 17

This plugin lets you customize how your dropped items look in the world

  1. Nope, they have not, it's not a fork. I have not seen that plugin before, but you're right, the plugin is very similar to Fancy Drops. I feel like that it's performance might be worse than the new Fancy Drops' though. And about the "block-placement thing", I might make it a feature in "Steve's Series | Gameplay Evolved". Not gonna lie, it definitely needs a new name
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  2. @Hakaze I've just realized something. If you don't need hints at all, just remove the hint entity:
    Code (YAML):
    : 0.5
    : "x$$amount$$"
    You can as well have multiple hints, the amount of entities per item doesn't have any bounds. Fun fact: If you don't have any entities, the item will become completely invisible.
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