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    Stickers - Download & share funny pictures with your friends or simply decorate your enviroment!

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  2. It looks nice plugin :)
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  3. @MrCleverTrevor I'm currently working on more features, and this plugin is more meant to be some sort of "Spray" - maybe you've played Team Fortress 2, there are a lot of pictures at walls ;). Basically you can use this as a donator perk so your users can exchange funny pictures, whereas the AnimatedFrames plugin is more for Operators only.
  4. what's a quadratic picture? i don't see the option for that in image search, and i can't find any definitions of what that means
    also, my stickers are all blank..
  5. @ChillerKraft It means that pictures are a square ;). So that the width and the height have got the same value.
    When are the stickers blank? Directly after downloading them? If they are blank after a restart, this is normal - otherwise the sticker needs to be saved on your server.
    If you want, I can add an option that temporary stickers get saved, too :)
  6. sounds like a good option

    ye i wasn't using perfectly square images
    i can't find any options in any image search sites for quadratic images only though, can u guide me to some?
  7. ChaoZ updated Stickers [50% Discount for the first 10 buyers!] with a new update entry:

    Added config option to save non-permanent stickers, too!

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  8. What is the max hight for an images, because I want to use an Image like this:
  9. @Capehenrykid the resolution is 128x128, but images will be resized automatically if necessary :)
  10. Please clarify in your description, I think it might earn you more downloads. :) Is there any client change that has to be installed by players for the stickers to work? If I place a sticker, will other players see it or only me? Tell me about anti-grief - can a player place a sticker absolutely anywhere, even in say a worldguard region or a grief prevention land claim where he doesn't have permission to build? Are there limits to how many stickers a player may place? If players can download their own images to the server for use, is there a limit for hard drive consumption and is there an easy way to review all the pictures in case someone adds an offensive one?
  11. @bigscary The stickers are visible for everyone, without any modifications :). The sticker is meant to be placed anywhere, but I guess I'll add an option to restrict placing if you want ;). The config has got an option to set a cooldown, and also the ability to "consume" the stickers - once placed, he will be gone.
    Well, the images are 128x128 - so you need a lot of stickers to fill your hard drive with stickers. But to bypass this problem, there are permanent stickers (which will be saved) and temporary stickers, which are only loaded while the server is online. If the server restarts, every temporary sticker will be gone.
    I've added a GUI if you click on a temporary sticker (permanent ones haven't got a GUI, so this permission should only be for people you really know good) - and this GUI contains the ability to report the sticker. As an admin, you can see in The GUI when the sticker was placed, who the creator is and also the url. Of course you can also delete stickers as an admin ;).
  12. Isnt this plugin just like those image to map plugins?
  13. @martijnpold it has got more functions, and has got a focus on downloading pictures from the internet. For example, pictures will be downloaded over an async thread, whereas most other plugins (or even every plugin?) download images directly over the main thread, which causes lagging while downloading ;). I'm also working on a lot of features, which will be pretty unique when finished :)
  14. Just a question. So the pictures can be URLed from any web? For example if I have it saved on my website, will it also be able to read as long as the fram is in the right pixel?

    I just bought the plugin. My only concern is that it keep on showing me The URL is invalid. What is the correct format for your plugin?
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