Premium Stickers [Huge images in Minecraft!] [Paid]

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  1. It will download any frame - if the size is too big or too small, it will be adjusted automatically ;).
  2. Damn....That is just awesome.

    I wonder will it cause any lag though If I post tons of them across the server.
  3. It looks like a nice plugin! :)
  4. Also how can I save the image into my folder and read it from there than doing it online? What kind of format is there avaliable. Is there an example that you can show us?

    Edit: I think this is just SIMPLY AMAZING PLUGIN. However, please add more detail on how to place the image inside the folder, and which that only png is allowed as the format. There needs to be more explanation towards the config as well.
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  5. I'll explain it later today :)
  6. @Lins you can save stickers permanently with the command /ps <name> <URL>. To load the stickers from your Server, write /ps <Name> ;).
    Also, every format is allowed, but it will be automatically converted into PNG.
  7. Hi. I kind of figure it out so you'll have to explain to people a little more with screenshots of your config.
    It seems the max size is 128. to read the images, people can directly download a 128x128 png image and put it in their plugin image folder.

    Download URL does not work for me, so I don't know why that happen, but since it reads from my disk I don't really mind. Thanks a lot for th plugin. Really appriciated.
  8. I'll add a better tutorial on saturday :)
  9. The URL has to end with .png, .gif, .jpg or .jpeg - otherwise the URL doesn't lead to a picture and the plugin won't find anything ;).
    You can get the URL of a picture by right clicking it and selecting "Copy image address".
  10. Maybe it is my own problem. I am using my own offline folder for picture. It works just fine. I hope the URL will work for me someday but for the moment the plugin is worth what I paid for.
  11. Whether support 1.8.4 and 1.8.7?
  12. It supports every version from 1.7.10 to 1.8.7 :)
  13. I'm getting an error where it says I don't have the lib called jcodec 0.1.5. Any fix?
  14. @ChaoZ It is amazing. However do you think you could make support for bigger images? I mean instead of filling 1 minecraft block, that the image fills maybe 4 or 8 minecraft blocks.
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  15. @jones988 You can ignore this error - I forgot to remove a method at the beginning before uploading, because I'm currently testing stuff with external jars. But this isn't a problem for performance :)
  16. @RafaAro so that you can define a aspect ratio like 2*4? Sounds interesting, I'll have to see how I can manage placing with a single sticker item :)
  17. @ChaoZ Nice, so if you manage to make the plugin able to do that, a single sticker could fill up an entire 4x4 blocks wall? :D
  18. @RafaAro If I manage to do it efficiently, a sticker will be able to have every size ;)
  19. @ChaoZ Great! Hope you can do it then, it would be amazing! :D
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