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  1. In response to what you said, it caused an error that disabled the plugin when I didn't have it. I can't run any commands because of it.

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  2. This is weird, I'll remove these methods for you..
  3. @jones988 You were right, it should now work flawlessly :)
  4. Thank You!

    Is there a way to remove temporary stickers from a players inventory when the picture no longer works (mostly after a server restart).

    I still had a temporary sticker, and on placing it, it was just a blank map.

    Thanks in advance!


    Is there also a way to have no cooldown, but a limited amount of stickers per player? Like in TF2, you place a spray, and when you place another right after that, the first one disappears.
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  5. Good suggestions, I'll try to add these! :)
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  6. I feel really bad pestering you with all these things.

    My players have had a bug where sometimes the decay doesn't work, and it just leaves a blank map in an itemframe. Not sure of the cause, sadly.

    Maybe its if the server restarts while a sticker is placed?
  7. @jones988 This is really weird, actually every sticker is saved in my plugin and will be deleted when shutting the plugin down. Maybe the server crashed?
  8. I'm not sure. I'll look into trying to reproduce the error.
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    Users who randomly click around at the spawn on my server may find themselves triggering the opening of a completely hidden door, to which the trigger is binded to a block and can not be detected. The walls of the hefty castle walls slowly lift up thereafter, revealing the murky, scarcely lit tunnel, immediately peaking their curiosity. Inevitably, they would slowly descend into absolute uncertainty, unsure what would happen. Slowly but surely a dim light would surface as they treaded down the old, damp stairs. The first thing one would notice is that the walls gradually start taking on a light green color, which then fades into a dark and slimy, grassy shade. The strange adventurer's heart continues to pound faster and faster, something doesn't feel right. When they least expect it, "IT'S ALL OGRE NOW" roars through their chat box and they begin to feel sick to their stomach, the screen blurs, winds and waves every which way they can imagine, they can barely see a thing. However bad their vision is, it does not save them from the green vengeance on the wall. Hundreds of pictures of Shrek stair into their soul with the fury of ten million suns casting daylight on a dozen cold vampires. There is no escape. The door to the room closes, and they are never seen again.

    100/10 plugin, would've paid way more for it. I've tested it and everything is flawless on Spigot 1.8.7. The only suggestion I'd have to make is when a permanent image is created, it would be cool if there was a way to do "/pslist" or something similar to see all of the permanent stickers, and be able to spawn in more any of them, possibly with a resize. It would also be nice to delete the images from the config in-game if this is possible, however permission nodes and/or an option to enable/disable this would be very important in the config file as it would be a shame if someone was able to grief the server and delete all of the images.
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  11. @357 I guess this is the most awesome thing you can do with the plugin :D.

    You can list every sticker with /ps list, but I'll optimize the command because big images "spam" this list. Adding a command to delete stickers is also no problem, I'll implement this very soon :).
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    Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. It lists each individual frame but it would be awesome if it instead gave you the single frame which spawned the entire picture in one go. Thanks for the quick response time, I'll have to keep an eye out for the update.
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  14. New sticker pack? woohoo! Sounds like a brilliant idea!
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    Suggestions: Add a variable to the sticker create command to allow the rest of the image to be transparent, like with .png images. The extension could be something like -t or -transp for example. Another suggestion would be an auto fit extension, such as -af or -a that would stretch the image directly into the dimensions to fill it up completely so that every edge, top/bottom/left/right would be touching the corner.