Solved [STILL NEED HELP]Cant use "bukit." anything

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by OrangeLion, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. This is my first time using IntelliJ, and any time I try to use bukkit#getonlineplayers (or anything else with bukkit) it just gives me errors in the IDE, I am using the spigot plugin development plugin for intellij, working on a plugin in 1.12.2, I wont be able to respond to the thread fast, because I have to leave in a few mins, but im going to look at it when I get back, if you know how to help, please point me in the right direction, Thanks ;)

  2. It still wont work, I made sure I impored everything...
  3. Bukkit is written with a capital B, not sure if that resolves the problem...
  4. didn't seem to help, but thanks for trying to :)
  5. Whats the Spigot Development plugin?

    I've never used that when using Intellij ?

    Also, I would recommend making it a Maven project, since you can better import APIs or Spigot versions via the pom.

    EDIT: Noticed you are using Maven, I normally notice it via the extra tab on the right, but you had it hidden. MB.
  6. Seeing as you have it in your classpath properly, I'd venture to say the issue is Bukkit must be written as Bukkit not bukkit
  7. The OP stated this didnt work earlier.
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  8. This was correct, I should have remembered, as I used to have this problem as well, thanks :)
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