Stock Debian's VPS Bloatware

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I went ahead and got me a $3.99 VPS from OVH. Not going to lie, I live in WA State and.. the latency is actually pretty damn snappy. Also, my VPS is so much more reactive. Putty basically feels like the VPS is hosted in Seattle or something (Right next to me) -- no idea how OVH does this, but maybe I'm over-thinking it, but all I can say is it feels great and I live across the damn country.


    There is only one problem. On my other VPS, we had a OS template called "Debian Minimal". With this VPS from OVH, the Debian default installations include a lot of bloatware. For example, the Debian Minimal on my other VPS ran idle with only 90mb of ram. The one OVH uses around 500mb stock.. I checked top:

    With all this said, is there some type of bash script that exists that removes all the bloatware to make it seem more like a "Debian Minimal"? I mean, it doesn't seem like it's using a lot of CPU, but the ram usage is killing me. I'm very OCD about it :(

  2. Okay, I'm an idiot. free -m is showing only 52mb ram usage. Never going to use top again.

    But, there is still a lot of extra processes running. That shit is what I'm OCD about, hate seeing them and want to see if I can purge all those (from my s/s) (the ones I don't need)
  3. Stop the services you don't need. For example if your not using it for mail then stop the service dealing with that and etc.
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  4. You could always just use a different, lighter OS (there are even a few made specifically for minecraft/game servers) - OVH should definitely allow reinstalls on a VPS.

    Also i was just about to get that same VPS for a test server, and was wondering about the overhead to expect. Thanks, lol
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  5. Aww, good idea. Found the list:

    Now, just not sure which :D -- I'll do some googling. Although, I love my debian. But then again, maybe I just have to manually stop each one.. probably be tedious but worth it
  6. Odd.. it doesn't seems they offer minimal versions of these OSes.. You'll just to stop and remove the excess services yourself..
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  7. MikeA

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    If you're paranoid about an OS service running then you'll have a hell of a time running servers. The CPU and memory usage is basically nothing, probably why they don't do minimals.
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  8. He is just trying to reduce his usages and running services on his VM as much as possible. Quality security measures in fact call for to load the server with the fewest amount of services you an get away with (formally referred as reducing your overall attack "surface"). Why he should have to deal with say mail service provided by the OS if he would not be running one? It also easier to maintain the unit as well in the long run when you have what you need and no more/less.
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  9. Yeah you're right. Since I saw inside free -m that 56mb was only being consumed... I guess that's basically the same as the minimal on my other VPS. I was just curious if there were scripts floating around that basically turned it into a minimal. But now, I guess I'm just wasting my time complaining, as it's probably negligible.. oh well, thank you guys though :)
  10. No problems that what we are here for. :)
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  11. MikeA

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    I'm speaking in general, not about a single mail service. Sorry but your replies are getting so annoying now.
  12. Uhh.. this is not "OVH VPS's Bloatware" it is "A certain OS's bloatware". I'm sure you could manually kill some processes you don't use, but it really is nothing. OVH is not to blame.
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  13. Not blaming OVH. Did you even read my post? I love the VPS.

    Changed the title though.
  14. I was mostly going off of your original title and the other post I quoted. I understand what you mean though.
  15. Well, more running applications can open up to more theoretical instabilities on the system. It's a kind of shame since the reason I usually run Debian instead of ubuntu is exactly because Debian only has just what you need, nothing else.

    If you do choose to stop the services, remember to disable them at bootup as well, otherwise they will come back at a reboot. You could also make a very long apt-get remove command. ;)
  16. Tux


    OVH's VPSes are fully virtualized (KVM) - you're running real Linux. You'd see all these processes on an actual Linux system.
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  17. You don`t have any bloatware on it.. This is normal for any other VPS