Premium Stock Market Plugin [1.8-1.17] [Paid]

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  1. It stores the info in a 'central' database. If your server would run on bungee, you can access this database from multiple servers.
    Also sql is more user friendly when storing large amounts of data.
  2. MySQL is a type of database, where you can store the data for the plugin instead of a yml file.
  3. ok thanks.
    and btw, I want this plugin. I would buy it, but I would like a showcase of it or a demonstration of it. Does that exist?
  4. No there isn't. There are screenshots, commands, and permissions on the overview page of the plugin though.
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  5. When do the stocks update?
  6. The stock prices are all live.
  7. tchristofferson updated Stock Market Plugin [1.8-1.16] with a new update entry:


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  8. I'm sorry that I have bought this plugin just now,but I haven't found where to download!So I bought it for twice!But i still can't find where to download ,now i'm very sad,can you post the plugin to my e-mail upload_2020-10-8_21-3-12.png ?PLEASE!!Following photos are my receipts! upload_2020-10-8_21-3-45.png
  9. Look at the message I sent back to you. Your payment is on hold by PayPal, I refunded one of your two payments.
  10. can this stock tracking gold as well?
  11. I'm not sure if gold has its own ticker symbol, but there are gold companies available.
  12. pls update to 1.16.4
  13. It has been updated. If you plan on using stockbrokers make sure you update the Citizens plugin.
  14. Do you plan to add a customizable market? I love the idea of this plugin but I was hoping to allow my players to set up their own businesses under the market instead of just IRL stocks. Thanks in advance for any answer!
  15. I am open to the idea of being able to create your own stocks. However, I am not sure how the price fluctuation would work. I am open to ideas.
  16. Can we get more analytical data.

    On Individual Stocks in Portfolio, display the amount of profit or loss per stock (percents also are nice). Helps to visualize how you are performing.

    Maybe in the players stock menu, it is a block that players can hover over and it displays:
    Portfolio Purchase Price
    Portfolio Net Worth
    % Loss/Gain compared to Total Buy Price
    Total $ Profit or Loss

    Reach out with Questions: OwningProds#1847
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  17. Hello, why do I display "n / a" here, as shown in the figure below

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