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  1. One final question and everything should be good! I'm sorry, but what should I do when my players get the error "Permission Denied" at the stockbroker?
  2. You need to give them the permission to use the stockbrokers: stocks.brokers.use
  3. hello can this plugins using yahoo finance API? because if use IEX only american stocks detected and since i living in south east asia. stock market always close on our prime time
  4. I will definitely look into this. I thought Yahoo finance wasn't supported anymore, but it looks like it is again.
    Edit: Yahoo finance seems to be through Rakuten and only allows 500 requests per month for free.
  5. ah. or using more globally API? so can fetch so many stock in many country??? i kinda like this plugins. if you can pls make some connection with placeholder API so i can make like real Stocks market floor in server.

    please try look this website:

    or try yfinance api

    or this yahooquery API
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  6. hello since new update for mysql. can you make connect database with sql?
  7. The plugin already uses SQL.
  8. i mean with SSL=true cause my sql need connected with SSL
  9. For the open price, the IEXTrading documentation says "Refers to the official open price from the SIP. 15 minute delayed (can be null after 00:00 ET, before 9:45 and weekends)"
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  11. umm it keeping null everyday and everytime. i try use new build and look about this issue

    edit: Still N/a at 2:40am utc+7
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  12. There isn't anything I can do about it. That is what is returned by IEXTrading.
  13. Plugin doesn't recognize stock splits. allowing players to multiply there money
  14. I'll try and add it in the next update.
  15. What does the MySQL support do? What does it add?