Stolen money?

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  1. He can chargeback all he wants, but if you call PayPal and say that it's a donation they'll just put the chargeback in your favor. It's pretty simple actually, and it always works (unless they chargedback through the actual credit card company).
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    The thing with chargebacks is if they are through PayPal you can usually fight them, if they are through the bank then you will usually lose the fight against chargebacks since banks usually don't have time to deal with appeals on chargebacks and banks want the business of their customer. With banks, think of it this way, they would rather have their customers happy than a Minecraft Server owner, so with banks they would rather keep their customers happy and chargeback when a customer asks for a chargeback instead of fighting in your favour and potentially losing a customer.
  3. Yea something happened to me like that this was a long time ago when I started accepting donations on a old server I had up. He buyed the same rank multiple times and told me he never got anything. I did look and buycraft said he got it. I also thought it was odd that he kept buying the same rank. Later he did a chargeback and me being a noob back then did not know what I need to fight the chargeback.
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    I send a padded envelope with a thankyou letter to over 100$ buyers.

    Being able to give this tracking id to Paypal has been a huge advantage in cases. and it only cost 3$
  5. where it says terms and services edit that so it says once you purchease the rank you may not get refund!
  6. If your using buycraft youd be fine :) If he charges back, no worries! If you know what to do you will 99% win chargebacks
  7. You can scare him and say "If you end up charging back we will take this to court" :p
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