Stop a DoS Attack (not DDoS)

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  1. How do i stop a DoS attack... some noob is DoSing my VPS.
  2. 1) In spigot.yml enable "prevent-proxies: true"
    1b) Also, study spigot.yml/bukkit.yml settings and optimalize them

    2) In Authme config.yml enable "ban-unsafed-ips: true"

    3) Install AntiJoinBot from Bukkit dev.
  3. Its not a spam bot, its not a proxy. it is a pure DoS. (VPS)
  4. Did you try it ?
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  6. I cant right now... im under a DoS. All services are down. (FTP, Webserver, Minecraft, ETC.)

  7. I have DDoS protection, DoS protection is a totally diffrent thing tho... and its twice as expensive
  8. Oh okay then. That suck :/ I am sorry. Then you gonna get some IP logger and take legal action, if possible ?
  9. Got any ideas?
  10. Whats the difference between DOS and DDOS in your opinion, why is DOS worse?
  11. DoS is Denial Of Service, DDoS is Distributed Denial Of Service, Both very deadly.
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    Sorry, maybe I am not understanding you exactly.
    You have DDOS protection, are you sure they didn't go around it?

    Explain more on what type of attack you are getting, I understand you said DoS but that can mean many things mostly now everyone seems to think its a "hack" of some sort.
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    You do know a DOS is the same thing as a DDOS but only uses one computer and one Internet connection. DOS attacks are usually weaker and easier to stop. I'm pretty sure they are just getting around your protection.
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  14. Actually, my host told me this was a DDoS.

    *Edit: A very strong botnet too...
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    By telling us how much you're getting hit with would help us come up with a solution for you.
  16. In addition
    >10mbps - who cares
    >100mbps - I've seen worse
    >1gbps - somebody really doesn't like you I would highly consider protection
    >10gbps - have fun :D
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  17. I think its around 20 mbps.
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    You are using the host which is a 100Mbps connection. Either whatever is taking you down is exploiting something in your system, or it is higher than 100Mbps.

    Because you do not have any server funds and not even the money to go with DDoSDeflect, you are pretty much unable to block the attack.

    If you wish to try a system firewall (Which could reduce outgoing traffic during the DDoS) google DDoSDeflate and try that.

    When you have the money, i would recommend going with DDoSDeflect. Of course i know you dont have the money now and if you keep going down like this may not ever have the money.
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    You sir, have a bad connection... My home internet doesn't even go down with 20Mbit
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    Oh andTenten, I would suggest you Look at your bandwith graphs!.

    Also you forgot to use the emergancy console in the EmberCore's control panel, Which uses a different IP and so is useable even under DDoS.