Stop a specific mob from spawning NATURALLY in nether

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  1. Hi, Been searching for this for half an hour now cant find any solution to it. Everyone suggests making a command block that spawns the mob under the void but thats not what i want. I just want a way to disable a specific mob (Wither Skeleton) from spawning naturally in the world. It should still be able to spawn from spawners and through other plugins. Just not naturally. [/p] [p]Is this even possible? From what i've seen there's no way to do this

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  2. yes it is but I'm not certain about the existed plugin in the Resources.
  3. Creature spawn event > If the entity spawned is in world nether > if entity == wither skeleton > set cancelled ?

    EDIT: Oh woops didn't realise that this was not in the plugin development section. Message me and I can create the plugin for free. World guard may be a better option though.
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  4. do you have worldguard installed?
    if so you can go into the plugin folder then to the worlds and the world_nether the config and set {} to
    block-creature-spawn: [SKELETON]
    wich will make it so that skeletons and wither skeletons won't spawn anymore in the nether
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