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  1. PlayerAdvancementDoneEvent does not have setCancel function. Any other way to block this event?
  2. The closest I found is ANNOUNCE_ADVANCEMENTS - Toggles the announcing of advancements.
    However, it doesn't stop player from achieving advancement. It just mute the announcement, doesn't it?
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  3. get the event of achievement and check if the player is in a specified world...

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    Because cancelling an advancement doesn't make sense if they have all the criterion. Maybe look at that event instead.
  6. Why would we do something as smart as that? Obviously there must be some other way /s
  7. If you are trying to remove the message of "ExamplePlayer has just earned the achievement [Opening Inventory]" just set the "announce-player-achivements" to false in the file.


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  8. try this:
    Code (Text):

    public void achievement(PlayerAchievementAwardedEvent e) {
           Player player = e.getPlayer();
           if (player.getWorld().getName().equalsIgnoreCase("yourworld")) {
  9. I think that he wants to disable getting achievements that is already unlocked in other worlds. If not, correct me :p
  10. The PlayerAchievementAwardedEvent is deprecated.
    To quote:
  11. But if he is trying to make a plugin for his server with version for example 1.8.8 it is fine

    Otherwise i don't know.
  12. And what do you recommend?

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  13. We may should add a boolean displayed :
    event.setDisplayed: the avancement TAB in the top-right of the screen
    event setMessage: the chat message. Invisible if null
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  14. Code (Java):
    public void blockAdvancement(final PlayerAdvancementDoneEvent event) {
        Player p = event.getPlayer();
        String world = p.getWorld().getName();
        if (world.equals("world_creative")) {
            Advancement advancement = event.getAdvancement();
            for(String c: advancement.getCriteria()) {
    This is how I do it but I am missing the final piece from the puzzle. I can't block the client-side message of getting advancement (top-right side of the screen). Is there anyway to stop that?

    Edit: make code look nicer
  15. You will need to block the packet.
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  16. Oh wow thanks, I learn something new here. I didn't know you can block packet.
    Ok, this is solved.
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