Stop Players From Using Shulker Boxes?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by AntCat17, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. I am looking to reset the map on my server to a 1.11 map. We normally allow players to carry over items in their inventory and enderchest to the new map. It makes people feel a bit better about map resets, and less upset. However, Shulker Boxes make this way too OP. Anyone know a way I can stop players from carrying over items in Shulker Boxes to the new map?

    (I tried using WorldGuard to stop people from destroying them, so they can't get them into their inventories, but players figured out they can use pistons to still pick them up)
  2. You could deny access to Shulker Boxes or maybe down your version if you are not using any 1.11 blocks, if it's a hassle, use alternative, similar blocks?
  3. Use the plugin BanItems.
  4. Shulker boxes are amazing - i just noticed that you can put one shulker box inside another, having unlimited inventory slots...
  5. You can't :p
  6. I think that'll break the game for newcomers.
  7. You sure about that?
  8. Yes
  9. Or use Essentials Protect

  10. I have a plugin which will stop players from being able to place/break them (Pblocks)
  11. World guard blacklists already do that.
  12. It's not made specifically for that block

    It's made for all blocks. Able to easily deny/allow blocks per permission group/user.

    Anywhere in the world. No need for worldguard areas.
  13. You should take a look at the blacklist link in worldguard. You can block any block interactions: On break, On destroy, On use , On interact, etc.. All you need is the block name or block id. its not exclusive to a set few options
  14. Bro,

    All i've done is given him an option. It just so happens to be one of my plugins. I'm not saying he can't use WorldGuard.

    Just IMO mine is easier to use for this case.
  15. Alright didnt mean to talk down on your plugin. I think it's great that you offer a option. I apologize if I did anything offensive. My intent was to point out that worldguard has similar if not the same functionality. Again I apologize
  16. It's no problem. Here's a video I also made to show/explain how the plugin works to help you decide:

  17. I already tried to use WorldGuard. I denied destroying so that people would place them and not pick them up, but they got around that with pistons. Then I thought of denying the "on-acquire" but the issue is people might lose a lot of items when the Shulker Box disappears upon being placed in their inventories.

    What I did instead was set up bartering with our shop plugin so people could trade their shulker boxes for shulker shells, which are stackable. I told them they're not allowed to bring boxes over. I just wish there was a way to go through all inventory files and delete shulker boxes, but unfortunately I don't think anything of the sort exists.

    Next time around, a lot more players will have theses boxes, and it will be a lot harder to enforce something like this.
  18. So denying them from placing them at all isn't enough?

    I could probably make something that can delete the boxes from inventories. I'll tinker about with it tomoz
  19. If I do that, they wouldn't be able to get their items out of them. So if a player had Shulker Boxes filled with items in his inventory, he wouldn't be able to get them out and would then be punished for having brought over items. I could deny placing on the new map, but that would prevent people who made new Shulker Boxes on the new map from using them.

    It's complicated, no doubt.