Solved Stop spigot from stopping the JVM if the server stops responding.

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  1. I'm trying to debug my plugin via a remote VM. Whenever I stop at a breakpoint for a few seconds, the server crashes because technically the server has stopped responding. Is there any sort of way I can disable this?

    Here is the crash log, even though it's pretty useless. You can see where my breakpoint is on top of the stack when the server paused the on line 11.
  2. You could add a shutdown hook to start the server again.
  3. I can't debug properly if the JVM restarts every time I try to find a bug.
  4. Confused what the problem is here, could you please better explain yourself?
  5. There is a portion of my plugin that is not running properly. I'm trying to solve the issue by using Eclipse's debugger on the server and adding breakpoints in my code. When the code hits a breakpoint, it stops everything so I can inspect exactly what is happening in the stack. However, spigot is shutting down because it thinks the server times out, so it kills the VM which in turn kills the stack, so I can't inspect it.
  6. Change settings.timeout-time in the spigot.yml
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  7. Thanks, this solved the issue.