/stop vs /restart

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  1. Hello there! I am just wondering what is the harm in doing /stop instead of doing /restart? I got a plugin that saves the worlds and data and stuff will it still roll back the server?
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  2. Both /stop and /restart run the equivalent to /save-all before stopping. The only difference between the two is that /restart triggers a startup script to start the server again, instead of just stopping entirely like /stop does.

    If you're having issues with roll backs, just simply run /save-all before you /restart or /stop.
  3. I use a command alias that saves the server before stopping it.

    - save-all
    - stop

    You can replace stop with restart if you want, which, as kixmc says, attempt to start the server back up once it’s been fully stopped. Saving before stopping the server is important so that progress is not lost. I still recommend keeping the original stop command in cases where you did something accidentally and want to roll it back (even though you do have a rollback plugin). :coffee:
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  4. but /stop automatically saves already, how does that work for rollbacks?
  5. Well… shit. I didn’t know that. :coffee:
  6. Thanks guys!!! I was just wondering and I thank you all for the feedback! :)
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