Spigot StopElytra 4.0

Prevent your players from using Elytra

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    StopElytra - Prevent your player from using Elytra

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  2. You could at least add the permission, so you can block flying for some player groups, and leave enabled for some.
  3. Thank you, working on
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  5. Done! XD
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    Big Update

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  7. The bypass permission doesn't work, I am owner and I have * plus I've even added the perm stopelytra.bypass to myself but I am still not able to use an elytra.

  8. Can you please update the plugin in 1.10.2 ?
  9. Oh I thought that this plugin was abandoned eheh, well ok, today (or tomorrow) I'll update

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  10. Updated
  11. Oh ! Thanks you very much !
  12. No problem :)

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  13. in 1.11 this plugin is disabled automaticly

  14. Because I didn't update it, I live in Italy and we recently had some major earthquakes, I’m not able to update it these months
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