Stopping leak websites?

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible for Spigot to stop/report websites that leak premium plugins? or is it the plugin author's job to report the leaked resource? Is it even possible to stop it*? I just saw one recently through another forums, and it just irks me a bit, however I can't really say I'm any better as I pirated some music before :p

    *the big sites, I know leaking will most likely always be a thing :(
  2. The author can do a dmca and hope the plugin get's removed from the site. That's it though.
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  3. Spigot doesn't handle leaks anymore. This was due most people faked the Unique ID in the resource so others would get banned.
  4. When my spigot leaks... I has a bukkit @1010bobIzCOOL
    Ontopic, I never knew they handled leaks? I thought they only banned users if the leak was on spigot itself.
  5. Not sure when it stopped but they did handled leaks (Banning the leaker etc). But since people faked the UserID in the plugin, which caused false bans, Spigot stopped handling it.
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  6. Its a joke, Such as a faucet? a "Spigot" and the bukkit catches the leak? Idk it was just some little humor
  7. This thread reminded me of your signature (cuz of "spigot leaks") so I tagged u.
  8. with all the threads about this and the failed attempts and the lost fights over the sites, just don't even bother with it and move on with your life.
  9. Hey,
    i wrote with the Support from McLeaks and they told me, that is not possible to stop,
    because they bug new accounts and we canĀ“t ban all of them and they have not a list from all accounts.