Spigot StopProxy - Protect your server from Proxies & Bots! 2.3

Stop Proxies from join in your server! [PROXY and BOT]

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    StopProxy - Protect your server from Proxies & Bots! - Stop Proxies from join in your server! [PROXY and BOT]

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  2. If i have a biiig bot attack, this affect the performance?
  3. If you have big attack it's recommended enable autoban.
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  4. Interesting, think we will watch it as more reviews grow :)
  5. autoban doesnt seem to work? it should ban the ips i think? but it doesnt even try it


    I found that if you just put the server in whitelist mode the tps dont drop, its a good plugin to stop bots from joining but its bad for the tps.


    Tried the plugin on my live server and one of my players is blocked, i think we need a whitelist. or

    change the plugin like this:

    Server is always unprotected but always listening and see if a proxy tries to join, if too many proxies start to join in a short period of time then, activate maintenance mode or protection (configurable) that way we avoid problems i think?.
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  6. In version 2.0 i will solve all the bugs of 1.9 and add a system that, once there is a bot attack, will activate the anti-proxy system.
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  7. next update to add user command ip bypass

    Thanks for this great resource!
  8. stopproxy.nocheck doesn't work please fix
  9. Hi

    Can you add VPN support, caus eall players with VPN can still connect.
  10. VPN is just a proxy, or does it allow the blocked IP's on VPN?? The plugin is awaiting a re-write currently :)
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  11. Author Please Update on 1.10 Version.
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  12. I will update the plugin asap but i lost the source code and currently i'm very busy.
    I will keep updated this thread !
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  13. A lot of users use VPN due to their ISP.
    This plugin check BAD ip on a large online Database.
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  14. Thank you for update i love this plugin.
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  15. can you add a Whitelist for frends ?
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  16. How can I unban banned ips?
  17. ??
    /unban ip or /whitelist nickname