Spigot Stopwatch 1.0.4

A simple stopwatch/timer which displays the time to the hotbar with customisable messages.

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    Stopwatch - A simple stopwatch/timer which displays the time to the hotbar with customisable messages.

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  2. Plugin doesn't work for 1.16.4
  3. At first thank you for fixing the reset problem! With /toggle I meant the /pause command.. sorry for the confusion. In your description you wrote "/st start - Starts the timer or resets it if already running". I think it would be more clear if the /start only starts/restarts the timer and you add an extra /reset command because it happens often that people on my server accidentaly reset the timer trying to restart it when its paused with /start instead of writing /pause again. (If you dont want to change that it's ok for me, I just wanted to add some of my ideas)
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  4. Lovely plugin :)

    I don't suppose there's any chance that you'd consider adding functionality to display the game in-game time (ticks converted to 12/24 hour equivalent - from 00:00 to 23:59) above the hotbar alongside the stopwatch functionality?
  5. Great plugin!

    Few suggestions:

    - Allow us to change the location of the timer on the screen (+ options like a slight black background with lower opacity or something?)
    - Allow us to change the size of the timer

    - Countdown option (for example timer to count down from 5 minutes to 0 seconds)
    Bonus: After countdown is at 0 allow it to run a command (for example: /tpall playername)
  6. Is there any placeholder to display. Like iam hosting a Racing event and i want to display the Leaderboards with the help of this plugin
  7. I've been looking for a plugin for so !£$&"(! long and now I have found something exactly what I needed, is it possible you could add a millisecond thing like 00:00:00:00?
    so hr:min:secs:millisecs
  8. Is there any way to set the timer for who ever activates the command instead of everyone on the server?